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Attorney Brian Donesley charges fees similar to others. Some charge more. Fees may be negotiated, though the following general guidelines apply, unless otherwise agreed.

All cases require substantial review.  All evidence must be obtained from the police and the prosecutor, i.e., audio, video, police reports, dispatch records, calibrations of BAC testing devices, certification of operators of such devices, witness statements, etc.

If there is no defense to the charge, (i.e., wrongful stop or search, incorrect testing protocol), you may be advised to negotiate the best deal possible for a guilty plea, using any questions about the facts and the law as leverage in the negotiation for you.  Attorney Donesley will walk you through this as your advocate and guide. Considered are jail time, fine, alternative sentencing, court ordered treatment, license suspension, probation terms, interlock requirements and any possible withheld judgment.

Attorney Donesley examines the evidence and law in each case carefully. If there are mistakes by the police or the prosecutor that can be proven by the defendant, as required to challenge evidence or conduct in a DUI case, that will be explained.

If you have a good defense, attorney Donesley will advise you on your choices how to proceed. The cost of motions to suppress evidence based will be explained. If you decide to contest the evidence and/or to go to trial a fee will be negotiated.

For first non-excessive DUI cases in Ada, Canyon and Elmore counties, attorney Donesley’s retainer is $2000 through pretrial conferences, without motions, for a first non-excessive or non -aggravated DUI. In other counties, the fee may be negotiated, due to travel time out of the office and would typically be $2500.

The retainer for an excessive, aggravated or second DUI charge is typically $2500/$3000, again depending on the county.

For a felony DUI, the retainer is $5000, unless agreed otherwise.

Court costs are also ordered by the court and fines. A drug/alcohol evaluation is required at a cost of several hundred dollars with classes recommended and ordered done.

Brian represented me on my felony DUI case. He was able to get me a withheld judgement on my 3rd offense and zero jail time. I couldn't be more pleased with the out come.

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We are well versed and focused on criminal defense matters particularly the issue of DUI defense in Idaho.


Brian graduated from the University of Idaho, College of Law and has been practicing law here in Idaho since 1980.


When you call Donesley Law Office you will speak to Brian directly – not through a paralegal or secretary.

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This 5 star review is for Sue Archer, the paralegal for Brian's office. She was and is amazing, Sue is the back bone of that office. If for no other reason and there may not be...she is why I would recommend this office to you. Extremely helpful, personal and professional. Genuine and hard working. There for you when you need someone the most. Thank you
When experience and dedication matter greatly, an attorney like Brian Donesley can make all the difference and have profound impact on a life. I'm comforted knowing Attorney Donesley is representing my loved one.
Only talked on the phone but he gave me that fatherly advice I was needing and didn't act like, "well no money no time". He's great!
Brian represented me on my felony DUI case back in 2016. From the beginning he was transparent and realistic about my options and possible outcomes. He was able to get me a withheld judgement on my 3rd offense and zero jail time.I couldn't be more pleased with the out come. The only thing I'm upset about is the fact that I didn't get positive review of him sooner in aftethe case was settled... Better late than never I suppose! Thanks Brian!
Brian is a great guy knows exactly what he’s doing and I highly recommend his services. Extremely professional, responsive, and is to the point for your own good.
Brian did excellent representing me every step of the way. I could not have asked for more. He did awesome explaining all the details of my case. I would highly recommend him to everyone needing legal representation or advise.
Brian is a highly ethical and intelligent attorney. He is truly someone that puts his client's interests first and foremost. His calm demeanor, intimate knowledge of Idaho's laws, and his practical application of those laws to serve his clients make him an asset to anyone lucky enough to choose him as their legal counsel.
Brian provided excellent representation for me. He was immediately my trusted adviser and strongest advocate.I had a tough situation, and he was very adept at overcoming obstacles as they arrived, and staying the calm, cool, collected element when I couldn't be. He was extremely prepared when it came time for trial. His expertise tipped the scales in my favor and I am really grateful for his help.I would recommend Brian to anyone that needs representation from a tough experienced lawyer.
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If You Are Pulled Over

In Idaho, if you are pulled over driving a vehicle, you may be stopped by the police based upon probable cause to suspect that you are driving while intoxicated, such as swerving, lane changes without signaling, erratic driving, or based upon any other violation like a broken tail light or windshield.

The officer will talk to you, notice that your breath may smell of alcohol and how strong, look at your eyes for bloodshot. Then comes the “field sobriety tests.” Heel to toe, finger to nose, stand on one leg, walk a line or do the alphabet or count backwards. These are check off boxes on the police report which are numerically rated by the officer by point factoring. If it adds up, this is further evidence against you.

Keep in mind that officers are trained with standardized procedures. And, they become very efficient. If there is “probable cause” to believe you drove intoxicated, before or after a breath test is offered to you in the back seat of the police car, you may be arrested, taken to jail and booked.

If your “blood alcohol content” (BAC) comes back 0.08 percent by volume, there arises a “legal presumption” that you are intoxicated, which means that no other evidence is necessary to charge or to convict you, unless a jury finds otherwise at trial.

Any BAC over 0.20 is an Excessive DUI with more harsh penalties. A second DUI raises the penalties. A third in 10 years is a felony, which typically results in a prison sentence. Drivers license suspensions are mandatory for long periods of time, though in some circumstances one may be given “restricted license privileges” for medical, treatment or to and from work purposes.

In some counties there are the “Drug Court” or “DUI Court,” which allow a person who has admitted been adjudicated to go through an intensive program with the Court for more than a year and obtain a restricted license after completing a first phase of the program. This is a serious commitment to complete the program, but it results in real benefits. The terms of sentencing are suspended during the program, a “withheld judgment” may be entered by the Court, rather than a judgment of conviction, and you may be released from the sentence previously imposed for fines and jail time.

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